A New Blog

I have had a few different blogs over the past few years. Before I even knew what a blog was I was journaling daily and emailing it out to family weekly as a way to share my three month mission experience in Kenya. On another stay in Kenya my sister-in-law and I shared a blog. I have found journaling and blogging a wonderful way to work through my thoughts and experiences.

The thought of a new all-encompassing blog has been on my mind for a while now. Just like my other writings my hope is that this blog will allow others to share in our journey. I plan to write about: life as a pastor family, homeschooling, new recipes, lessons from my children, mission experiences, and all those random things that happen in life that help to shape who we are.

As you share in our life journey, please remember that what I write is personal. We are not a perfect family and I am not a professional writer. We are learning as we go.