Edible Paint – with Natural Colorants

In my spare time I have been working on a couple paintings to hang in Joseph’s office. Both my kids are interested in what I am doing. Eden has her own painting supplies, but I had to get creative today to find a way for Eli to be able to explore and create with paint too.

After a little Pinterest looking, I came across a few recipes for paint for babies. All were safe, but they used food coloring for the color. The whole reason for baby safe paint is that they are going to most likely get it all over themselves and eat some of it. Food coloring is not what I want on or in my little guy so I set out to change the recipe to use natural colorants.

IMG_3924Supplies Needed:
1 cup water
2 Tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
3 Tablespoons pureed food

Pureed Food Color Ideas:
Purple – Blue Berries
Green – Broccoli, Green Beans, Kiwi
Orange – Carrots, Sweet Potatoes
Pink – Strawberries


I mixed all the ingredients together and heated over medium while whisking until it became thick. It took about 5 minutes. Once done, I let it cool while I made an additional batch. I made two different colors using broccoli and blue berries.


I covered the table in white paper and striped the baby down to his diaper.


He was very excited for this new experience.


He touched the green first but was much more interested in the purple. I cooked the green longer and it resulted in a thicker “paint”.


While this paint was made especially for Eli; Eden was also really excited to get messy too.


This was a great sensory play time for all. The paint was goopy, sticky, a little warm, colorful, and smelt like blue berries and broccoli. I didn’t think the the whole smell part through ahead of time. Broccoli smelling paint isn’t the greatest, and when mixed with the blueberry paint, it was plain stinky (the kids didn’t mind). Next time I might try kiwi and strawberries; that would smell nice.


It wasn’t long before Eli figured out that the paint was edible and tasted pretty good.


Everyone had a great time and I am already starting to think of some more edible paint ideas for next time.