Rainbow Rice

I gave rice dying a try and found out it was really easy. It has proven a great sensory exploration activity.

After reading a couple how-tos, I decided it was easy enough that I could have my little helper participate. I think she has just as much fun making the rice colorful as she does playing with it.

IMG_2708Ingredients needed: Long grain rice, vinegar, and food coloring
Equipment: Measuring cups and spoons, zip lock baggies, tray, and something to spread the rice.

IMG_2706In a zip lock baggie mix 2 Tablespoons vinegar with a few drops of food coloring. I had icing color and thought I would test to see if one made the colors richer. It really didn’t seem to matter.

IMG_2823Once the two liquids are mixed, add 1 1/2 cups rice.

IMG_2710Be sure to zip the baggie completely and shake the mixture around. This was very exciting, and I had to watch Eden closely as she wanted to use her fingers to push on the rice through the bag. However, this easily caused holes.

IMG_2733Spread the rice out on a towel to dry. It only takes about 20 minutes.

IMG_2828We made all the colors of the rainbow. As we were making each of these, I started to wonder if it would work to use the left over Easter egg dye. I gave it a try, and in fact it turned out great. I would normally just dump the extra egg dye down the drain so it was nice to find another use for it.


Without any instruction Eden automatically started practicing drawing shapes.

IMG_3578And writing her letters.

IMG_3564With the addition of tools she practiced pouring, moving, and filling.

IMG_3571She then thought it was fun to create pretend words. After plenty of free play I asked her to pretend the blue rice was water and the green tray was the grass and she sorted the plastic animals by water and land dwellers.

IMG_3573With the idea of storing the rice for a later use, I filled plastic bottles with each of the different colors. I then got the idea to turn it into a seek and find game with our current sight words Eden is learning. Eli also finds these bottles fun to shake and push around the room.

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