Buffalo Hunt – in Oklahoma

We are currently learning about Native Americans (there will be another post on that later) and this week we learned about the importance of the Bison or the Buffalo as many mistakenly call them.

My parents live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and while Joseph is participating in the MOJO ride (this too will be another post) we are spending a few days here. One of the things that is special about Bartlesville is their Buffalo Stampede. The Buffalo Stampede began in 1998 as Senior Gold Project for Girl Scout Troop 208. The troop chose Mary Martha Outreach as the recipient of profits from the buffalo.Buffalo Bill

Each of the buffalos are painted differently by different artist and situated in different place around town. Buffalo Bill is found out side the city stadium.  Patch

We spent a whole day going around town on a buffalo hunt to find as many of the buffalos as we could. We found Patch in front of the Boy Scott office.Van Gogh-falo

The kids had a blast walking around and climbing under each of the buffalo. Van Gogh-falo was beautiful.Amadeus

Amadeus was inspirational.OSU Baffalo

OSU Buffalo and Eden had matching boots.Barney

Some of the buffalos, like Barney, had hidden pictures that Eden liked finding. Frankie

This buffalo is named Frankie after Frank Loyd Wright who built a cool tower just on the other side of the buffalo but I didn’t think to take a picture of it (sorry).Tree of Life

This is our favorite. It is found at my parent church and was done by a cancer survivor from their church. Tree of Life2

Small animals can be found hiding all over. We really liked the owls. Others

This is the rest that we found and were able to take pictures of. Left to Right: Woolaroc Wiley, Osage Buffalo, & Wildcat.


Left to Right: Magic, Splash, and SGS Buffalo. We found a total of 23 (8 not pictured here as we couldn’t get close enough for a good pictures) of the 30 listed buffalos. We also found 2 of the new baby buffalos that are soon to be put on display.

woolaroc logoWe finished off our stay with a field trip to Woolaroc wildlife preserve and museum to get an up close experience with real life wild buffalos.  This was a fun trip for me as I remember visiting here as a child.


We got really luck shortly after we entered the preserve. Papa spotted a buffalo coming over the hill and slowly a whole heard followed and crossed right in front and behind of our car. Buffalo2

Eli liked seeing the huge animals up close but I think he liked being out of his car seat even more.


My favorite as a child and now a favorite for Eden was the crash collecting buffalo. This vacuum mouthed sculptures collects trash (leaves from us as we didn’t have any trash) through its’ mouth. It makes cleaning up lots of fun.

Community Helpers – Librarian

Each month we are learning about a different community helper. We had a great time this past month learning all about Librarians and Libraries.

IMG_6138Our first field trip was to our local library. We are regulars here, coming at least once a week if not twice.

IMG_6101We received a private tour; Eden learned there is a lot more than just books in a library. Her new favorite is the kids magazines.

IMG_6135She also learned that she could check-out movies, music, and audio books.

IMG_6136Eden even did a short interview with the librarian.

IMG_6126One of my goals for our first year of homeschooling was to grow a love of reading.


It is important to me that our kids see us reading, and I have made it a new personal goal to read more often.
IMG_6076At home we recreated a library in our living room. We already had a good selection of children’s books on our living room shelves; so we only had to bring in a few small tables, shelves, and props, move the living room around, and add library signage and we had a working library.

IMG_6084     IMG_6083

We had lots of fun taking turns picking out books, checking them out, reading each one and then returning them at the drop off. Eli even got the hang of it, but Eden preferred to play while he was napping as she likes the quiet cuddle reading of just her and me.


We finished up the month with our first trip to the Magic House in Saint Louis, Missouri. Their current exhibit is based on the Magic Tree House book series.

IMG_3692  IMG_3663  IMG_3679Here we were able to jump into the one of three books and travel back in time with Jack and Annie (the main characters).

IMG_3673“In each book” we got to experience the events of that time period. The costumes and activities made it feel like we really traveled back in time.

IMG_3681 IMG_3683

We have not read any of the books in this series but have one waiting for us to start tomorrow. Maybe once we have read these three stories we will make a trip back to the Magic House and try these activities again to help reinforce the idea that books can really take us anywhere.