Independent Side

IMG_0823(This is attempt number 2 if you are getting emailed twice. We couldn’t get the blog post to connect to Facebook and had to republish.) After blogging for close to a year and a half I have run out of free storage space with ¬†So I have moved my site and can now be found at instead of¬†Thanks wordpress for your wonderful free services.

IMG_0806IMG_0805This is technically my first post on the new site. I know the blueberry picking pictures don’t really match with the idea of moving to a new site but I figure you needed something to look at.

IMG_0812There really will be no change for my followers. If you have signed up to receive email updates when I post something new, you will still receive those as usual. For those who connect by seeing my post on Facebook, it should be similar as well.

IMG_0846Thanks for following.