Ancient Egypt

9.5-MadisonI can’t believe the beautiful weather we are having. It’s early December and I am sitting outside working on a blog while the kids play.

This fall we had so much fun learning about ancient Egypt.

As always the girls enjoyed dressing up and acting the part. We started off the unit with the girls dressed as servants (simple white dresses – made from pillow cases) and talked about the different social classes. They loved running around bare foot: carrying water, washing the dishes, and tending to the fire. They weren’t so sure about not being able to learn to read and write because they were girls or about having to do dirt work like emptying chamber pots.

At the end of the unit I let the girls become Egyptian princesses and they thought this class would be a lot easier but maybe not as much fun.

9.5-Madison-17I love that we get to do so much of our school time outside. I am surprised at how focused the kids are; they would happily spend hours talking and learning. It is common for the girls to swing while I read to them or for all of us to lay out on a blanket and look at pictures together. It is also great teaching outside as Eli easily entertains himself and joins in every now and then.

NileAs we began our unit on ancient Egypt we once again found that this early civilization was centered around water. We learned all about Nile as we created a living model. Down the center we used foil to create the river way and filled the bottom with rocks to keep it from floating. On both sides of the river was the fertile ground where we planted seeds the girls harvested from our last unit. We added some palm trees and talked about the animals that would be found near the Nile. We finished up by flooding the “Nile” and saturating the soil. The plan was to watch these models grow and flood them as needed but while the weather has been nice, it hasn’t been nice enough to grow anything.

9.5-Madison-4Technology today is so helpful and makes learning even more fun. We used google maps and was able to see from space the Nile river and how lush green the ground around the river was compared to the rest of Egypt.

While look at the map we also found the Great Pyramid of Giza. How cool.

We were only halfway through our unit and both girls agreed we should plan a field trip to Egypt. They thought seeing it in person would be pretty cool. Someday girls.

Lego P

Using Lego’s the girls created another model complete with burial chamber and secret passages.

noddles2As we learned about pharaohs and what life would have been like for royalty the kids created their own gold jewelry with “precious” stones. I wish I would have gotten a picture of these finished and on them as they felt like a queen. Maybe I can get them to dress back up for me but I have waited too long to post this blog hoping to do so; I can’t wait any longer.


We learned a little about mummification and enjoyed another great day outside wrapping everyone up. Scarlett (Rylynn’s little sister) even got to join in on the fun. We finished off the day and our unit with a fun mummy snack.


We also enjoyed learning about Moses and the 10 Plagues but that will be another post.