Field Trip to the Police Station

This week we enjoyed a fun field trip to the Cuba Police Department. Before we headed out we got our pretend police set out. We talked about what police officers do and how we can trust them.


The handcuffs were a big hit by both. Cuffs20160315-IMG_4589Eli loved the hat so much that he ended up wearing the hat on the field trip. He was pretty cute so I didn’t fight it.

Our field trip was organized and sponsored by our homeschool co-op. We started in the lobby where we got to meet the Lieutenant who was great with the kids and led a very nice tour.20160315-IMG_4495

We got to walk through the station and saw several rooms including: offices, the kitchen, the courtroom, and the training room.


Eli got to try to lift the “big” weights as he calls it and after a few failed attempts the Lieutenant gave him a two pound weight which was much more manageable. Eli felt pretty special.

20160315-IMG_4560The highlight of the day was getting to see and sit in the police car.


When we got home I had a small craft for the kids to create. I found it here if you want to make one yourself.

20160315-IMG_4635The weather is once again beautiful so we were able to spend most of the day outside for this lesson and the rest of our homeschool time.

20160317-IMG_4713They turned out pretty cute. Next week we are off to the fire department.


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