He is Risen Collaborative Art Project

Yesterday our church hosted an Eggstravaganza with an egg hunt for our community. We had crafts, free food, a cupcake walk, and a collaborative art project. The art project turned out really cool and I have had lots of questions as to how I did it.


I started with 6 poster boards taped to the wall. 20160326-IMG_4905Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.34.17 PMWith adult supervision the kids used Do-A-Dot Markers to cover the posters with dots. I purposely only set out sunset colors of orange, tan, yellow, pink and red.

This was a great project for all ages and one that many kept going back to and working on.



In one hour they were able to cover a good deal of the posters. A few of the kids didn’t follow the directions of dotting and drew pictures so before I started the next phase I rearrange the posters knowing that I be able to paint over a few of the more distracting areas.



20160326-IMG_8728After penciling in my design I picked out a cool palette of colors to work with and went to work painting.

If I wasn’t trying to get the project done before Easter morning (the next day) I would have had our Sunday School class work to finish filling in the white areas with more dots. So, I also filled in the rest of the area with more dots.

I also used a few of the other dot colors to add some darker areas to the sky.


I finished of the project with adding a simple scripture with a black marker.


The kids loved coming in this morning and seeing their project finished. I heard one of our kids tell another adult, “Look, I helped make that.” It was also a great back drop for our church breakfast after the sunrise service.

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