Back to Homeschool 2016

Back2School PicturesToday was our first day back school for this school year. I love taking back to school pictures and sharing them with you.

Eli 3

Eli is my ball of energy. He can be so sweet one minute and then covered in mud or paint the next.

Eli frame2

He is a preschooler this year. He will be learning both at home and at Wise Little Owls two days a week. This is the same preschool that Eden attended a couple years ago that we just love. Eli will get two days to play with other kids and burn more of that energy I talked about earlier and it will also give Eden and I two days to really focus on her school work. Eli Wall 2.1

These are all his answers. I love that Eden is his best friend. One of big goals for homeschooling.


They truly are best friends.

Eden 3

Eden is patient, sensitive, and kind. I can’t believe she is growing up so fast.


When I asked her what her favorite part of her first day was she said, and I honestly believe her, that her favorite part of the days was spending it with me. I too love getting to enjoy her and watch her grow into a beautiful young lady.

Eden Frame 1.1

Eden is a second grader this year and is excited about all the new things she is going to learn.

Eden Wall 2

Last year we took pictures with apples and now they think we need to do apple pictures each year. So here you go.

Eden Apples

Eli was over pictures by the time we got to the apples and thought it was time for a snack which made the apples much more difficult to stack but that didn’t keep him from trying.

Eli Apples

Watch for a post soon on all the fun from our first week back in the classroom. Happy new school year.



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