A Peak Inside Our Classroom

We are very lucky to get to have a dedicated homeschool space in our house. This has not always been the case and I don’t know that we always will be able to. So I am grateful.

We have spent the last couple years schooling at the dining room table and used a single cabinet to store all of our curriculum and supplies. We still do large projects at the table and also love to take advantage of nice weather and school out side but this year we are doing all of our core school time in the basement.

20161010-img_8631The room is a large “L” shape and we use one side as a family room and the other for our homeschool. As you come down the stairs we have a large bulletin board where I display art projects and papers the kids are proud of.

classroomEden’s LA curriculum for the first quarter was zoo themed so I decorated our space with elephants; my favorite animal. As I write we are already into our next quarter and have changed to a farm theme.


I use these shelves for rotating activities. Every other week I change out the baskets with different themed toys, experiments, and books. Most of the items are things they don’t get to play with very often so it feels new and exciting. Sometimes I use toys they have access to anytime but add a twist to make the play different. They have been great about playing with one basket and then putting it back before getting another one out.


Another new addition to our classroom is this fun table from Ikea. I use it as a sensory table and again every other week change its contents. The table has two container areas; each with its own lid. So I usually have two different types of material to explore. I love that when the lids are on it can also be used as another work space or play area.20161027-img_0788

My favorite part of our classroom set up is the positioning of my and Eden’s desks. The way hers is set next to mine allows for her to turn and sit facing me at my desk. Or we can both work independently. From this desk position she has to turn her chair or come stand by the wipe board while I teach. I have found this is great as it varies her sit/stand position and keeps her moving and less bored in one spot the whole time.

Eli too has a table to he uses to do his school work. Most of the time it sits at the edge of my desk, where I can easily help him with his workbook, but because it is small and light weight it gets moved around and used for many different purposes.

20160822-img_8188Behind my desk hangs the kids hangout and a train table I built last year that we use for a variety of toys. The lid of the table can be closed and we sometimes do large art projects or puzzles on it’s top. The hangout is pretty cool as it is suspended from the ceiling and swings a little. They us it for play and for independent reading and journaling. Each day Eden adds an entry into her daily journal and she loves to hide out in this and then come to show me her work





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