Commissioning as a Navy Chaplain

Yesterday my husband took his oath of office and was commissioned as an officer to serve as a chaplain in the United States Navy. This has been almost a two year process and we are excited for this day to finally be here. I am proud to stand with my husband as we move forward on a new journey.


He was surround by family and friends.

Our local boy scout troop presented the colors. 20161127-img_8693

Chris Ferguson, Chief Warrant Officer (CWO-4) USMC (Ret.), administered the ceremony. Chris is a member of our congregation and has been a mentor to Joseph through this process.

Joseph’s father, here to Joseph’s left (above photo), is also a retired Marine. I am so thankful he was able to take part in this special day.


Before God and man Joseph was sworn in as an officer in the US Navy at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2).20161127-img_8711

Steve Tupper, Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Ret.), spoke on the importance of the chaplain to the unit. Steve is related to Joseph through my family. 20161127-img_8718

Joyce Bailey represented the church. She invited all veterans to come forward and led the congregation in a prayer. 20161127-img_8720

Having gone before these men and women prayed over Joseph as he soon goes forth.

20161127-img_8728Cheryl Wilkerson placed a stole on Joseph and led a prayer to remember his authority and responsibly as an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.

And so a new journey begins for him and the rest of our family. We do not know yet the exact date Joseph will leave for training or where we will be sent, but we are hopeful that we might know before Christmas.

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  1. Congratulations to all of you! Love, blessings, and best wishes as you go forth with God’s love! Will always remember the time you spent with us at The Mokane United Methodist Church! You have a beautiful family. May God continue with blessings galore for all of you.

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