Snow Painting

Anyone else get piles of snow this past two weeks? I know everyone is ready for spring and I am hoping we don’t have anymore snow this winter but just incase we do here is a easy fun idea for playing in the snow.

IMG_5071The back of our house bumps up to the front church parking lot. So when they come to clear the parking lot we always end up with a long large mountain of snow.

While playing on these mountains is great, it often ends up being a whole lot of work for mommy. After two hours of shoveling, packing, and digging we ended up with a great slide, stairs, and a cave.


A recycled boxed made for a super quick slide. I even gave it a few goes (no there aren’t any pictures) and it was lots of fun.

IMG_8690Eli is still on the shorter side so trying to get around in deep snow is often very frustrating but this area ended up being great for him. The ground got patted down which made for easy walking and the stairs made it so he could climb to the top of the slide.


The cave doesn’t look very big from the outside but it was big enough for both kids to get in.


It later proved to be a great play area after mommy was too tired and wet to stay out any longer. Eden ended up finding sticks and made a pretend fire to keep warm.

IMG_8718While I was out during the first play time, I started work on an area to be used later in the day. Knowing that the snow would be around for awhile but not wanting to really get all dressed for snow, I planned an area to try out snow painting. I made a flat snow “wall” using the snow shovel on the parking lot side of the mountain.

IMG_8736Later after nap, I gave each kid a spray bottle filled with food colored water and let them go to town spraying the “wall”.

IMG_8737As you can tell this was a huge hit. It took Eli a bit to figure out but once he got started he was the happiest little boy ever.

IMG_8746I also filled up small plastic cups with the colored water and let them use paint brushes to paint the wall. IMG_8749I used the spray bottles to make an indention in the snow to help hold the cups in the wall.

IMG_8741I made red, blue, and green water paint as I was afraid yellow might look like we had a visiting dog.

IMG_8754This will defiantly be an activity we repeat for the next snow. It is a great process art. Next time I think I will add several more colors and I might add salt to one of the water and see if it melts the snow in a fun colorful way.

IMG_8757Happy painting. Be sure to make lots of paint because when it runs out it is so sad.